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Is Legit Or Scam? Find Out On Review

The rate at which new site comes up with passive income ideas is astounding. There is a new money making site which pays its users greatly for logging in daily, and also referral. This site is called

Themonotoken could actually allow you to earn big in just 5 days of using their free plan, BUT this question keeps coming — is legit or scam? Do they pay? Have there been any withdrawal from themonotoken? Is it genuine?

Find out the answer to all these questions in themonotoken review. Review

I’m sure you have heard of this site, and that is why you are on this blog post to find the answer to the question – is legit or scam. Well, we are going to answer that, as well as other frequently asked questions about this site.

For this that are not here for the course of finding the answer to the above stated question, we have something else for you — yes, not everyone knows about this so stay with us.

Some frequently asked questions that we would be answering in these post, are no different from our previous post — that’s what we do. These questions are what is themonotoken? How does it work? How to make money on Who is the founder? Where can you find How to get your referral link? How to withdraw on themonotoken? And more.

Most readers seem to get the idea of a review wrong — well, we are going to correct that. This review is not done to promote themonotoken, but to educate users about the ins, and outs of this site.


What Is

Themonotoken is a token value which is determined by its network size. This means that this token increases based on the community size.

This site basically allows users to earn massively by just logging in daily, and also referring.


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How Does Work / How To Make Money?

Making money on this site is quite different from most passive income site I’ve seen so far as you are only doing a minor job of logging in daily.

But before, you can earn on this site, you have to be a registered user (you would see the details later in this post), then you are ready to start earning.

Earning on themonotoken is just like opening your social media daily. It is fast, easy, and one of the most rewarding passive income site I’ve seen, and I’m sure that’s the same with you — if I’m right.

After creating an account, you are placed on a free package which you can earn from for only 5 days. On this free package, you get as much as 5 MON token daily, and 1 MON when you refer.

Nevertheless, users on free package have restricted access to the platform. Now, the question is what’s the value of this token? Well, 1 MON is equivalent to R30.16 which means that your daily 5 MON token is R150.80 daily — what a fast way to make money online.

If you want to earn more on themonotoken, or your free package has expired, you can increase your daily earnings by upgrading to a higher VIP package. These VIPs packages allows you to withdraw when you meet the withdrawal threshold — you cannot withdraw on the free package (that is the restrictions I was talking about earlier).

There are 3 VIP packages on, and each has different bonus attached to it. See the different VIP packages below

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Pro Package – R30

  • Daily Tokens: 10 MON
  • Referral: 2 MON
  • Validity: 15 days

Elite Package – R50

  • Daily Tokens: 15 MON
  • Referral: 5 MON token
  • Validity: 30 days

Ultimate Package – R100

  • Tokens: 30 MON
  • Referral: 15 MON
  • Validity: 90 days


How To Refer Or Invite?

Share your referral link to your friends, and family, and get free MON tokens. Note that the tokens you earn per referral depends on your VIP package.

You can also double your earnings through referral as shown in the VIP packages. For each referral made, depending on your VIP package, you get a bonus. For example, if you are in the free package, and you refer 10 friends, you get 10 MON token which is also R300.16 — boom

Bonus Tip: You also get incentives when your down liners upgrade to a paid VIP.


When Was Themonotoken Launched?

We are not certain of the launch date of this platform, as there have been many claims that themonotoken was launched beginning of this month (July 2022), while others claims it came out on the 15th of July 2022, but we can’t help but agree that this platform was launched on the 15th of July because that was when most users got aware of this platform.


Who Is The CEO / Founder?

The founder of is yet to be known as the developers has refused to reveal their identity to anyone. It seems the developers are not interested in fame.


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Where You Can Find Themonotoken? is made for South Africans. It is known that users from other countries can create an account on this site, but would have problem withdrawing their earnings – reason being themonotoken only accept South Africans banks. Sign Up

To create your themonotoken account, all you require is a valid email, a username, referral code (optional), and also a strong password. Go to to get started, and fill in the necessary requirements stated above.


How To Log Into Your Account?

There should be no issue with you logging into your account, unless you have forgotten your password which you are going to go through a long process of recovering.


How to withdraw on

To withdraw on, you have to meet the minimum withdrawal threshold of R500 which is possible even for the free package users.

Before you can withdraw, you will have to fill in your account details — to do that, log into your account, and click on the ‘transaction‘ button, then select ‘withdraw‘, the withdrawal option will be opened for you to put in your account details, and the amount you want to withdraw.

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Note that this platform only accepts 5 banks, so I would advise all users to check if they have an account in one of the bank before creating an account.

Note: You cannot withdraw without converting your token to South African Rand. You need to convert your token to rand before you can withdraw.


Is Legit or Scam?

Tagging as a scam site would seem really unfair because it is a new site, and at the same time calling themonotoken legit is not possible because there has been no proof of payment.

This site seems like something you shouldn’t trust because their get rich quick scheme seems too good to be true. They claim to be giving its users R150.80 daily just for logging into your account — like how do they do that? Where is the money from? The thought of this alone makes you doubt if the actually pay.

Moreover, we would advise all users to avoid putting in their money till there is a valid proof of payment. You can’t trust this site yet as there is no reason to do so.

If you think is a scam or legit site, do drop your reviews below. Also, do share with your friends, and don’t forget to join our telegram group for more amazing money making site reviews.



Thanks for reading review till the end.

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  1. Khayelihle

    But is seems like you guys themonotoken are not willing to pay

    1. Financial Options

      Thanks for your comment, Khayelihle.
      First, themonotoken is not our site neither am I an affiliate to the site.
      Like I mentioned in this review, themonotoken is most likely a scam, and you should be careful with it — well, it turns out I was correct.

  2. Madamk

    Themonotoken link is no longer accessible from 09/09/2022 & all my withdrawals were not paid

    1. Financial Options

      Thanks for your feedback sir.
      Well, I mentioned in my review that what themonotoken offered to pay isn’t something real. And yes, they are a scam site

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