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Is MSE Legit Or Scam? Check Answers On MSE Review

Good day readers! I got an amazing review for you today — for investors specially. If you are still having problems finding the right stock, or bonds, or mutual funds & ETFs, or even cryptocurrencies — Then, maybe you should try investing on MSE or better known as

Well, this investment site MSE is quite different from others as earning on this site requires your money. However, on, you are not investing in bonds, nor stocks, nor any of those things mentioned earlier.

But– what am I (you)investing in? Basically, you are investing on equipments (medical equipments) made available on the site. Moreover, this doesn’t make this site a legit site which make people ask the questions – is MSE Legit? Does MSE pay? Is MSE genuine?

As for me, if I don’t get the answers to these questions I wouldn’t put my money into Luckily for all readers on this post, I may have the answers to that question. Find out on MSE review.

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MSE Review

Before I start this review, I would like to make sure no reader is getting the wrong idea about MSE review. Well, this review is not an advert/promotion to, neither are we an affiliate to MSE.

Be rest assured that MSE review is authentic, and done purposely for the education of our readers, and those who are interested in earning without stress on this site.

Well, this review is going to be answering most questions concerning this site. Also, the most important reason you are here which is to find out the answer to the question – is MSE legit or scam?

However, I’m also going to be revealing the answers to the following questions; what is How can i invest on Who is the founder of How to withdraw on MSE sign-up, and more

Remember not to miss a line in this review.


What Is MSE?

According to, ‘MSE is a shared medical service platform. This platform has made investment simple by allowing users on the site to invest in medical equipment which in turn meets the needs of hospitals for medical equipment.

Through intelligent data analysis and perfect fund management system, thousands of engineers on the MSE platform settle the rented medical equipment by hour, realizing the optimization of the user’s income and making it more safe, transparent and guaranteed’.


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How Does MSE Work / How To Make Money?

Earning on MSE comes in two ways — however, before I move on, if you are yet to create your MSE account, now will be the best time. Note that you cannot earn from this site without creating an account. See details on how to create your account later on this post.

All new users of MSE are given a welcome bonus of ₦5000 — is this bonus real? Well, yes! It is sent directly to your account once you finish your registration. Now, you are ready to start earning.

Keep in mind that once you sign up, you wouldn’t see the ₦5000 on your dashboard, but I assure you, it is there.

The first way to earn on this platform is by investing, and to do that, you need to fund your account to unlock an investment plan for yourself. However, you can also use your welcome bonus to buy the minimum investment package.

This minimum investment lasts for only two days with an hourly return of ₦8, and a total return of ₦360 which is kind of not a dream investment (to me tho–). Well, you can increase this by upgrading to a higher investment package.

On MSE, there are over 8 premium investment package/plans you can select from — all depending on how much you want to earn.


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How Does MSE Premium Investment Works?

For example, product 4 investment cycles is for 30 days which means You need to invest ₦80,000. After purchasing this investment, your ₦80,000 principal will be locked till the end of your investment cycle.

On this investment package, you get ₦180 per hour, then a total of ₦129,600 income in 30 days. After these 30 days, you can get profit ₦129,600 + your principal ₦80,000 = ₦209,600 — well, if you ask me, this seems too good to be true.

Now, the second way to earn on MSE is through their affiliate program. This goes a long way when it comes to this investment site ‘’.

Referral on this platform is built like a team which makes you earn big. Learn more on how to get your referral link on MSE, and also how it works below.


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How To Refer Or Invite On

To get your referral link, open the MSE app, find your own invitation link, and send your invitation link to your friends.

Each time you invite a friend, you will get ₦300, and when your friends successfully invest in MSE to buy products, you will also get 6% – 13% remuneration.

Well, referral earnings don’t stop there as you can earn more as a team on this site. Note that team rewards are issued by MSE, and there is no upper limit on team earnings.

The promotion of VIP level depends on the number of team members, and the total investment amount of the team.


When Was Launched?

Well, this investment site has been launched since the 15th of July 2022. However, it is not a popular one on the net, and funny enough, there has been no bad complaints about this site.

Moreover, like always, that doesn’t guarantee that this site is legitimate.


Who Is The CEO / Founder Of

The CEO of MSE is known however, there is no last name which makes this move very cheeky. There was a list of this site management team given, but all with only their first name, and their degree.

To know more on this site management team, open the app, and click on ‘learn more’.


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Where You Can Find

MSE was specifically made for Nigerians only because only those with a Nigerian phone number can access this site.


MSE Sign Up

Creating an MSE account, requires the use of a Nigerian phone number which is quite the only way you can access this site.

Put in mind that you will need a referral link before you can create a account. Visit the official site ‘’ or download the MSE mobile app to create an account

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How To Log Into Your Account?

To log into your MSE account, go to app which will take you directly to the login page.

Put in your login details — that is, your phone number, and your password. Then submit to gain access to your account.


How to withdraw on MSE?

To withdraw your earnings on this site, you need to first bind your bank card — in other words, put in your account number. Once you have done that, you are free to withdraw any amount you wish.

Note that you can only withdraw from 8:00 am – 17:00 pm. Also, you should expect to see your money within 5-15 minutes.


Is MSE Legit or Scam?

Currently, MSE has been found to pay users which means that this site is a legit site at the moment. However, that could change anytime which brings me the conclusion of advising you all to avoid putting more than you can afford to lose on this site.

Also, if you think MSE is legit or scam, do share your reasons with us in the comments box, and don’t forget to hit the bell button to get notifications from us.



I have come to the end of MSE review. Thanks for reading. Do share, comment, and subscribe to our notifications.

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