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Is Fairae.com Legit Or Scam? Fairae.com Review

Nothing is more amazing than the fact that you can make money online with your phone, at the comfort of your home, and over the internet. So much money making opportunities have been made available for everyone to try, and also passive income sites being created for people daily. Fairae.com is a new, and easy task paying site you may want to try out.

Just like pudding.com, and also hugevers.com, fairae allows users to earn by completing simple tasks, and also earn for free. However, nothing lasts forever — so is fairae.com free plan which is for a short while.

This means that users of this online earning site ‘fairae.com’ will have to put their money into this platform at a point. Well, do you trust this site enough to put your money? — I don’t just in case you do.

This brings us back to the general question — is fairae.com legit? Does fairae pay? Is fairae genuine? You all can know the answers to these questions on fairae.com review.

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Fairae.com Review

Like in every review, our main aim in fairae.com review is to show readers the answer to the question — is fairae legit or scam? Moreover, I will also be attending to rising questions on this earning site.

Some examples of these questions are; what is fairae? How to get more tasks on fairae? Who is the founder of fairae.com? How to withdraw your earnings on fairae? Fairae registration/sign up? And others.

Please note I am neither the founder nor an affiliate to this task paying site ‘fairae.com’. The main aim of fairae.com review (like stated) is for the education of our readers, and also to answer rising questions on this site.


What Is Fairae.com?

Fairae is a task paying site which allows users make profits whenever they complete a dime task. These tasks are orders from top e-commerce companies like Amazon (so they claim).

Nevertheless, you can also call fairae.com an e-commerce affiliate or content marketing site.


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How Does Fairae.com Work / How To Make Money?

Making money on fairae is so easy that it would only take 6 – 10 minutes of your time (depending on your internet speed). This platform has been so generous to welcome new users with a bonus of R30 which is better than most task paying site bonus.

On fairae.com, you can either buy the free products or premium products. I will advise you stick to the free products until you get answers to the question – is fairae legit?

Well, for those willing to earn with the free products, you can use your welcome bonus to buy the level product which cost R30. On this plan, you are given 18 tasks daily, and for each of the tasks completed, you get R0.23 with a total of R12.24 at the end of the day.

On the other hand, you can upgrade/buy a higher product which gives you better daily commission. However, I strongly do not advise this.

Additionally, users on fairae.com can earn more, and also boost their daily income with referral. Well, referral has different earnings depending on your referral level. Read more on how fairae referral works below.


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How To Refer Or Invite?

Referral commission on fairae.com depends on your referral level. There are 3 level you can reach on this platform — level 1 gives the highest commission which is 6% for 3ach referral.

Additionally, those on level 2 referral level gets a 3% commission whenever they refer a new user, and level 3 users get 1%.

To get your fairae referral link, click ‘me‘, then select ‘invite friends‘, and your referral link will be revealed.


When Was Fairae Launched?

Fairae.com was launched on the 26th of August 2022, and has been on the mouth of most South Africans who are already sharing their referral link on groups.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t prove that fairae is legit or scam — meaning the question remain unanswered.


Who Is The CEO / Founder?

No one has identified whom the founder of this earning site is because the developers has done so well to keep that information a secret.

However, our quest for this information remains undying as it is important for users to know who they are entrusting their money, and information to.


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Where You Can Find Fairae?

Anyone can access fairae either through their official website ‘fairae.com’, or through the fairae mobile app (you can download this on their website).

Now all you have to do is to either sign-up with your email address which is generally accepted or with your South African phone number.


Fairae.com Sign Up

As I said earlier, anyone can open a fairae account in two ways. The first way to open your account is with a South African phone number. Well, this is limited to only those who have that requirement.

Moreover, the second way to open your fairae is generally for everyone with almost no limit. All you need is an email address, and you are good to go.

To start your fairae account creation, visit the official website ‘fairae.com’, and select whatever method you wish to use to sign-up.


How To Log Into Your Account?

Logging into your fairae is very easy you just need your phone number/email address, and your password to gain access to your account once again.

Open the mobile app or visit the fairae official website ‘fairae.com’ to login.

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How to withdraw on Fairae.com?

Before you can withdraw on this platform, you will need to meet the minimum withdrawal threshold of R150.

Also, you will need to bind your bank card, and by this I mean adding your account number. Note that only South Africans bank are the accepted withdrawal method on fairae.com

To withdraw your earnings, click ‘me‘, and select ‘withdraw‘. Put in the necessary details, and submit your withdrawal request.


Is Fairae.com Legit or Scam?

Is fairae.com legit or scam? This question remains unanswered because fairae is currently a newly launched site which is yet to pay any of its users. On the other hand, fairae.com is not a scam as well because no one has reported being scammed by this earning site.

However, I will strongly advise all users to stick to the free product to see if fairae.com is legit or scam.

Nevertheless, if you think fairae.com is a scam or legit site, do share your reasons with us in the comment box. Don’t for to share, comment, and subscribe to our notifications by hitting the bell button.



Thanks so much for reading fairae.com review till the last word.

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